Anne-Julie Dupart

Anne-Julie Dupart

Translation services for music professionals


I chose to turn my passion into a career

Brief background

With master’s degrees in languages, language teaching and translation, and having worked successively as an interpreter, certified English teacher, Swedish university lecturer and general translator, I am now a specialised translator.

I enjoy living life as a diginomad*, and chose my native region of Brittany as a home port to touch down in before jetting back off across the world.

Why these services ?

As a general translator, I felt the need to specialise , to boost quality levels, enhance efficacy and offer shorter lead times.

I no longer felt satisfied with the “standard” fields of work offered on the translation market (pharmaceutical, legal, etc.), despite them being highly intersting. Only after visiting the Steinway & Sons piano Spirio Lounge in Hamburg did it all click into place – I finally realised my strength lied in my “leisure” activities. Indeed, as a musician and a music lover, music had taken up so much space in my daily life that I realised I had developled sound knowledge that could be put to good use. I therefore decided to offer my expertise to companies working in the fields of music.

My passion for languages

I was born and raised in Brittany, into a family of teachers, artists and musicians, all fascinated with literature, art and culture. I was first acquainted with the English language very early on in life, as my family used to welcome young American students at home, with whom I am still in contact now. 

I began passionately studying English and German at university, and soon added Swedish to my set of linguistic skills. I fell head over heels for this language from the very first lesson, and wrote my master’s thesis on “Swenglish”, the language spoken by Swedish immigrants in the USA in 1900.

My immersive visits abroad started when I was a child, and never stopped – from the USA to Sweden, stopping off in the United KingdomGermany, the West Indies and Australia.

My passion for music

Initially trained in classical piano, I also took an interest in the djembe, jazz piano and singing, then in classical and “gypsy” guitar before moving on to the transverse flute and ukulele – which I often carry around with me during my travels.

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