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Associerad medlem av Sveriges Facköversättarförening -
Associated member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators


Membre de la Société française des traducteurs -
Member of the SFT, the biggest French professional translation organisation


"Very satisfied. Quality translations, on-time delivery, fast e-mail exchanges."
"Very happy, nothing to complain about."
"I just finished proofreading the project (...) you delivered yesterday, and I wanted to tell you that it is a very good job ! Thank you so much, you have greatly facilitated my task, which can be complicated at times on such projects !"
"I highly recommend Anne-Julie. Quick turnaround, excellent translations and always on time. A true professional."
"Everything went smoothly."
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“Does it really need to be translated ? Rather than blindly translate documents in full – hundreds of pages – decide with your client (or sales team) which information is actually required. You can generally axe padding, including self-congratulatory prose and lists of all the inhouse departments that have worked to make the product a success. Your foreign clients/partners do not know and do not care. Such passages can even be counterproductive, making your company appear self-centred and arrogant.”

“Think international from the start Avoid culture-bound clichés. References to your national sport may well fall flat. Ditto literary/cultural metaphors. Tread carefully with references to parts of the human body, viewed differently by different cultures. For written documents, don’t box yourself in by linking your pitch to visuals that may not carry the same meaning outside your native country – forcing translators to resort to cumbersome wordplay and workarounds.”

“How much will it cost ? Translation prices range from 1 to 10, and while high prices do not necessarily guarantee high quality, we respectfully submit that below a certain level you are unlikely to receive a text that does credit to your company and its products. If translators are netting little more than a babysitter, they are unlikely to be tracking your market with the attention it deserves.”

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