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Thank you...

… Natalie Mariez for translating the Homepage, Translations, About and FAQ pages in English.

… Cajsa Lovisa Gustafsson et Malin Ohlson for translating the Homepage, Translations, About, FAQ pages, Photo credits anf thanks and footnotes in Swedish.

… Algoart for spring-cleaning my computer

… Apropos media for helping me define my brand

… Ticoet for helping me design this website

… Josefine Björemo for designing my beautiful logo

… La Cordée Rennes for hosting the meet-ups and for the daily pep talk

… Jean-Philippe Dubois for the pep talk

… Gurvan Henry for the pep talk, especially for talking me into organizing meetups

… Cédric Bergeret for the English slogan

… Nicole Gustas of DMARC Solutions for helping me with SEO.

Photo credits :

All pictures have been taken by Anne-Julie Dupart, except for the following :

-The “À propos” portrait, shot by David Ferrière

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