The kiwi surf festival
Kiwi Surf Festival

The kiwi surf festival

The basics

Surf festivals in France : the Kiwi Surf Festival

WH-questions in French

Where and when ?

Map to Kiwi Surf Festival
Biscarosse Plage, France
Credit : Kiwi Surf Festival

The 12th Kiwi Surf Festival will take place on Biscarrosse Plage, on July 27th and 28th.

FYI, Biscarrosse is made of three areas : town, beach and lakes. Obviously, the festival will take place on the beach area.

The Kiwi Surf Festival is organised by Kiwi Surf, with the collaboration of Lou Bisca Surf Club and the Nouvelle Aquitaine Surf league.

How do I get there ?

  • By car to « Biscarrosse Plage »
  • By train to one of the nearest  stations (Ychoux, Arcachon, Facture -Biganos or Bordeaux)
  • and then by bus to Biscarrosse Plage. The XLR 46 bus will take you to and from Arcachon to Biscarrosse Plage
  • Of course, there’s always the car-pooling option or even hitch-hiking

This year's programme

Credit : Florian Hary

For the programme in French, click here.

Saturday 27th

9 am – Opening & surf competition part 1 (depending on surfing conditions) : Tandem Surfing-, longboard- and SUP French Cups.

7 pm – Party time with at the Mira buvette (bar)

9 pm – Tahitian Dance

9:30 pm – Bluegrass concert by Boom Ditty

Midnight – Party goes on at the Globe Trotter ba

Sunday 28th

9 am – Surf competition part 2

5 pm – Awards ceremony

Get in touch with the festival

Credit : Florian Hary

Did you know ?

Kiwi Surf was founded by Clément and Dhélia Cétran, three-time tandem surfing world champions (yup !)

The Kiwi Surf school, that provides both surf lessons and swimming lessons has also a beach club for kids and its very own beach restaurant. You’ll never want to leave !

The surf teachers look like superheroes in their yellow outfit and their mascot is a super fun and cute kiwi (the bird, not the fruit !)

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